To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, the family of the Iron General Company retraced the footsteps of the old party members and listened to the stories of the "original aspiration" of them

July 1, 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Every child of the Chinese nation will remember this important historical moment. On the occasion of China's birthday, Thursday, June 24, 2021, Iron General Company carried out an activity to visit old Party members, listen to what they say about the past, talk with them about the changes of The Times, and ask them about their health conditions. Those difficult years have passed, they are a group of people who have made outstanding contributions to the construction of new China, and should be respected and remembered at any time.

Today, the sympathy group of Iron General Company is divided into two groups, a total of 12 people, to visit 13 old party members . Then let’s listen to them tell the story of the past.

Wang Linsuo, born in 1946, now 75 years old, Yaogou people, joined the Communist Party of China in 1967, uncle before brain surgery, a lot of things can not remember, but the time to join the party but blurted out, he donated money to the disaster area, and donation proof, but for a long time, also remember where, uncle said to see us very excited, It was not because we visited him with red envelopes and gifts, but because we could still be remembered by people. This kind of heart made him warm. He brought us figs planted in his yard and asked us to have lunch at his home.

Bai Zhongchao, born in 1938, now 83 years old, Yaogou, joined the Communist Party of China in 1972, leg amputation due to diabetes, mobility is inconvenient, see us very kind, keep saying thank you, thank you

Li Baocang, born in 1957, is 64 years old, a native of Yaogou. He joined the Communist Party of China in 1979. He did volunteer work, cleaning the roads in the village and taking care of the intersection voluntarily during the SARS period.!

Zhang Lanying, born in 1937, now 84 years old, joined the Party in 1955, was a member of the brigade at that time, did not go to school, know few words, otherwise could be promoted to cadre, also showed us her "50 years of party years of honor commemorative medal," she said: Life for the party "scene we were infected by her words, moist eyes.

Zhao Yinzhou, born in 1942, now 79 years old, joined the Communist Party of China in 1969, after demobilization in Yichuan worked as an accountant for several years, 6 yuan a month, when talking about the young demobilization, he left excited and guilty tears, when in Gannan as a conscription, coincided with the Tibetan uprising has been in the bandits, calm, demobilized, the company commander hard to retain, let everyone do not go, Because of various reasons, or decided to demobilize, now think of it is still full of regret.

Chen Hongyin, born in 1930, is now 91 years old, and is the oldest member of the visiting party today. He joined the Communist Party of China on July 30, 1957, and has been a member of the Party for 62 years. He is not very good at hearing, and many of the questions he asks are hard to hear. Loudly and clearly said his own time to join the party, let us respect. When it came to MEDALS, we advised him not to take them and just sit and chat. He insisted on taking them out for us to see and put them in a wooden box, because it was an honor that the Don was proud of. When he left, he would not give up and waved with us.

Wang Qiming, born in 1949, joined the Communist Party of China in 1972, the body is very strong, can not be seen is more than seventy years old, he is a double party family, usually like planting vegetables, life is very comfortable.

Wu Anlong, 62 years in the Party, 84 years old.

Gao Hualiang, 66 years in the party, 85 years old.

Luo Huancheng, 46 years in the party, 71 years old.

Gao Jiansheng, 61 years in the party, 85 years old.

Ding Zhenquan, 39 years of party experience, 71 years old.

There is an old man 86 years old, there is no one around to accompany, can not hear, we can not normal smooth communication, after the visit we silently left.

This visit, whether to themselves, or to life, but also let us have more ideas in the heart, everyone should take care of themselves, physical health is the capital of the revolution, to cherish the people and things around you, do what you want to do, do not let their life regret.

During the Anti-Japanese War, thousands upon thousands of Party members sacrificed their lives for the sake of the nation. Now society is stable and peaceful, and the country and the people will never forget you. Through this activity, I hope to deepen the ideological understanding of all staff, improve their ideological consciousness, adhere to the leadership of the Party, love the Party, loyal to the party, never forget the original intention, remember the mission, with the pride of being a Chinese, actively into their own work, with enthusiasm and full work state, to meet new challenges and new life.